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Auto and vehicle accidents are one of the biggest reasons for injuries, property damage and death throughout South Carolina and the country. Fortunately, the state has several laws which protect all people in South Carolina who have been involved in a car accident. Anyone involved in any vehicle accident should contact a Columbia South Carolina auto accident lawyer at our firm for a free consultation.

Based in Columbia, the legal team at the Louthian Law Firm have years of experience handling car accident cases throughout South Carolina, and can handle vehicle accident cases anywhere in the state. Because South Carolina’s auto accident laws are so complex, it is important to have experienced South Carolina auto accident lawyers on your side.

An experienced South Carolina auto accident attorney at our firm will give you a free consultation on your legal rights if you have been involved in an auto accident. If we handle your case our firm works on a contingent fee for most clients. This fee means that we don’t get paid until we win your case and our payment comes from a small percentage of your award.

The attorneys at Louthian Law Firm are qualified and respected professionals with years of experience in South Carolina’s legal system. Our South Carolina auto accident attorneys have successfully settled cases awarding clients significant financial damages. These damages can help pay for medical expenses, vehicle or property damage, pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of wages and work and many other damages.

If you or someone you love is involved in a car accident anywhere in South Carolina and requires a Personal Injury Attorney South Carolina it is important to remember several factors which can assist a legal auto accident lawsuit on your behalf. Always stay at the scene, make sure everyone has medical attention and ask for a police report. Write down all information, including all cars involved, license plate numbers, people’s insurance and driving license numbers and any witnesses. You should never admit any guilt or sign any paperwork. Your South Carolina car accident lawyer will handle all legal aspects of your case.

Many times auto accident lawsuits in South Carolina involve insurance companies who refuse to pay some or all of their legally due amounts. After an accident if your insurance company is refusing to pay your claim, contact a South Carolina car accident attorney at our firm for help. Often, insurance companies will quickly respond to legal action after being unresponsive to their clients.

Louthian Law Firm can help you recover every legally entitled amount you are owed. Our South Carolina car accident lawyers are experienced in dealing with each element of an auto accident and will give everyone who contacts us a free consultation on their rights. No matter how large or small your car accident and injuries are, we can help. Contact us today to begin your recovery.

Get Legal Help Today Please feel free to browse our auto accident website. If you have suffered serious injuries as the result of an auto accident in South Carolina, are in need of superior legal advice, or you have a legal question please call our our office toll free at 1-888-316-9040